The Promise of Oblivion

"Words can't adequately describe how much I loved this album. In a recent review, I said that no band has hit their stride on their first full length release, and may not have done so until their second or third release. This album has proved me wrong.


This is so well written, and so emotionally and musically on point that this could easily be one of the best Depressive Black Metal releases I've ever heard. This is the sort of album that I'd thoroughly recommend to anyone who wants the definitive "gateway" album to this genre of music.


It has all the hallmarks of this brand of Black Metal, but manages to express these ideas and sounds in much shorter, tighter and more palatable way than many bands of the genre are able to.


It has the strident nihilism of SHINING and the raw, transcendental qualities of XASTHUR, but sounds nothing like either. 
It's its own beast with its own distinctive sound. And that sound might just be one of a band that could re-define and revolutionize the genre." - Metal Temple

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