The Liquid Sky

"When you step outside the bounds of this phenomenal record’s desolate narrative, personal pain and grand thematic touches, you’re still left with Deadspace’s strongest and boldest set of songs to date.

Sure, there’s still “trve” guitar riffs and leads present, plenty of sections of galloping double kicks and fast blast beats, and there’s more than enough guttural screams and shrieking vocals from frontman Chris Gebauer to appease the core black metal lovers out there.


Of course, when the Perth band are sticking with this more familiar sonic territory, they’re still creating exceptional works of art. Though somewhat paradoxically, on their latest release, Deadspace are indeed a black metal band but at the same time are also much more than just a black metal band.


For these are moments where the band unshackles themselves from black metal further so and step foot into larger arenas of gothic undertones, alternative elements, spinkles shoegaze, and post-metal and post-rock moments; creating bigger and better sections that are massive in songwriting scope and bottomless in instrumental depth"

- read more at Kill Your Stereo


"As the album continued to unveil itself, one thing that became apparent was how damn versatile this record is. While the DSBM foundations of the music lay deep at the core, The Liquid Sky incorporates so many different elements that make the band stand ahead of the pack.

In closing, I must say that this is an album that feels like the full package, and was intended to be listened to that way. Something about it just grabbed me from the moment the intro rolled, and didn’t let me go until well after the finale. After my first listen through I sat stunned, trying to make sense of what I’d just heard before jumping straight back in for one of many repeat listens.


Fans and newcomers alike will fall under the same spell I did with this record, as the album is not just a collection of songs, but rather an experience to immerse yourself in time and time again"

- read more at Overdrive Magazine

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