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Reaching for Silence OUT NOW

The long awaited Deadspace / Happy Days split EP "Reaching for Silence" is out now.

Physical copies will ship out in a few weeks via Talheim Records. If you have pre-ordered from the band, your digital downloads and streaming via Bandcamp will be instantaneous and your pre-orders will ship as soon as the merchandise lands in Australia.

The Deadspace half of the split contains songs recorded and written in 2016/early 2017, and for the first time, this release has no overall theme or concept, each song is unequivocally its own. The song "Nostalgia, Like A Plague, She Rapes Me To Sleep..." was originally circulating in demo form on "In Ecstatic Sorrow" which was a collection of songs recorded prior to the "Gravity" EP which never got officially got released and to this day isn't part of our catalog, but we thought this song deserved to be revisited, and we now present to you the version we are most proud of.

Track List:

1. Glass Houses

2. Flesh To Chew, Teeth To Swallow (Ft. Mares Refalæða)

3. Phantom Limb

4. Epilogue

5. Nostalgia, Like A Plague, She Rapes Me To Sleep (Ft. Sam Dishington)

6. Happy Days - Y Cuando Encuentren Mi Cuerpo... 7. Happy Days - Soiled Flowers 8. Happy Days - Death Knows Best 9. Happy Days - Drowning 10. Happy Days - Schrei Schrei, mein Heim

All music on tracks 1-4 by Deadspace

All tracks mixed and mastered by Nish Raghavan

All vocals engineered by Tristan Sturmer at Sumo Sound Studios

All instruments engineered by Nish Raghavan

Guest vocals in track 2 by Mares Refalæða

Violin in track 2 by Fiona Gebauer

Guest vocals in track 5 by Sam Dishington

On this release:

Chris Gebauer - Vocals

Oliver Royer - Guitars/Pianos

Nish Raghavan - Guitars/Vocals

Shelby Jansen - Bass/Vocals

Herb Bennets - Drums

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