"This quintet is a very solid atmospheric black metal band, with plenty of heavy, visceral moments and some truly haunting, well-written, instrumental interludes all thrown in for good measure.


Their new four-track EP, ‘Gravity‘ – a follow-up to 2015’s ‘The Promise Of Oblivion‘ – is out now and has a superb flow to it, precise and impactful instrumental delivery and it really displays quality over quantity. Even so with just four tracks and its 32-minute runtime overall.

Now, at the risk of drawing a very general and “normie” comparison, I would label Deadspace as an Australian version of Deafheaven, just minus all the shoegaze nonsense but with all the melody and emotion intact, plus there’s some actual singing here too.

Deadspace know exactly when to have the lead guitars take over; when the groove needs to be maintained and built upon; when the instruments need to be going hard and when the time calls for eerie ambience and vocal prominence. It’s really bloody good, is what I’m trying to say here.

- Alex Sievers, Kill Your Stereo

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